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The Constraining Mechanisms as the Curse of Globalization

peter Bisong bisong, Stella Bassey Esirah


The world is getting more globalized every passing day. As a result of this, many describes the present world as a global village–a village where boundaries are no more. It is the fear of many that the world would in the nearest future, become homogenous in culture, language, government and other aspects of life. If this happens, identity and differences would be obliterated. This obviously has negative effects, as a world without diversity will be dull and ugly. This work considering the negative effects of globalization, and the fears (especially of the developing countries) that it will erase indigenous cultures, avers that globalization is producing negative effects because it is not operated with the right mindset. Most human mindsets are afflicted with what Innocent Asouzu calls ‘the constraining mechanism’. The constraining mechanisms according to Asouzu makes human minds to raise one side of a divide to an absolute mode, thereby negating the other. This sort of mindset obliterates differences, thereby bringing forth the negativities that are now associated with globalization. Globalization in itself is neutral and can produce good results, if it operated with global totalizing mindsets.

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