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Creation of Panjab University Chandigarh in 1947: The Story of its Trials and Tribulations

Hardev Singh Virk


Panjab University was created at Lahore on October 14, 1882 as the fourth university of India. During Partition of India in 1947, thousands of refugee students migrated to East Panjab and Delhi. East Panjab University started functioning on October 1, 1947 as a stop gap arrangement. During its first decade (1947–57), it has to undergo many trials and tribulations to keep it afloat. Camp College, Delhi was created to serve the interests of migrant students and employees in Delhi. Panjab University College, Hoshiarpur came to the rescue of the East Panjab University by providing instructions in Science (Physics, Chemistry and Zoology) along with many subjects of Humanities. Ultimately, all teaching and non-teaching departments were housed in new campus of Panjab University at Chandigarh during 1957–58.

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