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Community Bag- A Update

Sujata Japannavar


Community bag is an essential kit to provide care at pre-morbidial level to the doorstep of the people. Prior to using the bag it is important to know about the bag and its principles to be followed during and after the procedure. It is of prime importance for the community nurse to keep the bag in contamination free zone and also use it properly to avoid cross infections. Community bag should be well equipped with instruments and medicines to be used on demand. The principle of community bag and its technique helps in proper utilization of available resources in family assessment, identifying family problems, planning, and executing the community care to the visited home, hence the present review article is an insight into the knowledge and application of community bag and its technique for better utilization of community bag in delivering comprehensive problem oriented care to community. This review article serves as an insightful exploration into the knowledge and application of the community bag and its techniques. By shedding light on the nuances of its utilization, the article aims to empower community nurses and healthcare practitioners to deliver comprehensive, problem- oriented care efficiently. Emphasizing the importance of proper resource allocation and meticulous application of community bag principles, this review contributes to the advancement of community healthcare practices, promoting better outcomes and well-being for the communities served.

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