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A Bibliometric Analysis of Terrorism Research Output of India during 2000-2017

S.B. Patil


The study focuses on the Indian research output in terrorism, one of the burning social issue in whole World. The data for the present study was obtained from Scopus database for the period 2000–2017 (18 years). The study examines terrorism research output from India during on different parameters including the growth, document type-wise distribution of publications, productivity and impact of most productive institutions and authors, subject-wise break-up of the publications, highly cited publications, and preferred sources of publications in which Indian researchers publishes their works and contribution. It was found that the India contributes 1.72% to the global research output on terrorism. The highest, i.e., 74.31% contributions are appeared in journals and conferences. The top 6 productive authors together contributed 29 papers with an average of 4.83 papers per author and account for 5% (29 publications) share in the cumulative publications output of India during 2000–2017. Strategic Analysis, Economic and Political Weekly, India Quarterly, and International Studies are the leading journals in which majority of the terrorism related articles are published. The highest articles related to the terrorism research belong to ‘Social sciences’. Top 11 highly cited articles are identified through Scopus database. The17 Indian institutions involved in terrorism research together have contributed 26.20% share (with 152 papers) in the cumulative publications output of India. The need of more research publications in the domain of ‘Terrorism’ is expected.

Keywords: Terrorism Research, Bibliometric Study, Research Output, Scopus, India

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S.B. Patil. A Bibliometric Analysis of Terrorism Research Output of India during 2000-2017. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 120s–126s.

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