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Designing and Developing Library Intranet Model Based On Wi-Fi: LIB-INTRANET

Kalloli P. S


Information technology has made wide impact on the library services; emergence of mobile and advancement in communication technology are changed the content, information access methodologies. Mobile is become a common device to communicate and access the content over internet, user can access the information throughout the world on mobile devices. Libraries can provide content by connect with users through mobile device they can provide variety of quality services with the help of Wi-Fi technology in the campus without using the internet. This LIB-INTRANET model is based on the Wi-Fi technology, which will create the connectivity between library and users. This model helps libraries to publish their content and give accessibility to users on their handheld devices.


Keywords: wi-fi services, library intranet services, library wi-fi, library hotspot

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Kalloli P. S. Designing and Developing Library Intranet Model Based On Wi-Fi: LIB-INTRANET. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 436s–439s.

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