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Use of ICT & RFID Technology in Library Services

Dhanawanti Sunil Bamane


The use of ICTs is widely replacing the traditional services and making use of digital information sources. Due to ICT, the concept of library is changing from physical to hybrid to electronic and digital. This brings the revolution in the services of libraries. RFID is a mix of radio-recurrence based innovation and microchip innovation. The data contained on microchips in the labels appended to library materials is perused utilizing radio recurrence innovation paying little mind to thing introduction or arrangement (i.e., the innovation does not require observable pathway or a settled plane to peruse labels as do conventional burglary location frameworks) and separation from the thing is certainly not a basic factor aside from on account of additional wide leave entryways.


Keywords – ICT, Library, RFID

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Dhanawanti Sunil Bamane. Use of ICT & RFID Technology in Library Services. Journal of Advancements in Library Sciences. 2019; 6(Special Issue 1): 426s–429s.

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