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Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Future Airports

Vivek Mishra, Gargi Mishra, Dhruv K. Singh


A lot of thoughts and efforts have been put in the past 50 years for not only implementing the technology for clean energy resources but also for looking more such resources. Aviation which not only includes the Airlines and Aircraft but also many other agencies whose product delivery is associated with serious effects on the environment, thereby leading to global warming mainly due to greenhouse gas emissions. The surge in this industry has resulted in a crowded sky and increased usage of machinery in the airside and huge development of airports and nearby areas. Aircraft engine efficiency and design, presently, seems to be moving asymptotically towards saturation. Reduced use of energy in the Terminal and City side, use of silent and non-polluting power sources and exploiting the vast open space in the ramp side to harness the naturally available energy can serve as programs to mitigate the detrimental effects which this industry have on nature. This paper presents options of various sustainable energy resources that are appropriate for airport facilities and will also prove to be useful for airport operators, airlines, ground handling agencies, engineering handling agencies and other stake holders to make decisions regarding the sustainable energy and meet the standards of their respective Environment Policies. 


Keywords: Biogas, green grid, metro airport, renewable energy, solar, sustainable energy, wind

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Vivek Mishra, Gargi Mishra, Dhruv K. Singh. Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Future Airports. Research & Reviews: Journal of Physics. 2019; 8(2): 117–122p.

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