An Overview on Powder X-Ray Diffraction and Its Current Applications

Gunashekar GS, Krishna M


Industries and research centres are continuously developing novel materials with light weight, higher strength and which can retain their properties at environmental temperatures. The cited properties mainly depend upon micro-structure and chemical composition of materials. Many research works focused to characterize the materials by different experiment techniques. Among them powder x-ray diffraction (XRD) is a most prominent, non-destructive technique used for investigation, characterization, and quality control of crystalline materials. Numerous fundamental XRD techniques and software packages are available for analyzing the crystal structure, crystallite size, degrees of crystallinity and other structural parameters of materials. In this work the brief description of XRD techniques employed in quantitative analysis and its current applications have been discussed.
Keywords: XRD, crystal structures, crystallite size, degrees of crystallinity, quantitative analysis

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Gunashekar GS, Krishna M. An Overview on Powder X-Ray Diffraction and Its Current Applications. Research & Reviews: Journal of Physics. 2015; 4(3): 6–10p.

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