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Status of Open Source Software for Digital Libraries in Telangana (A Study Conducted on Private Colleges)

Tanveer Rasheed Khan


The purpose of this paper is to highlight the importance of digital libraries and digital resources through open source software which is highly in demand in the private colleges of Telangana. This study was conducted in 123 private colleges of Telangana only. These colleges were divided subject-wise like Engineering, Pharmacy, and Management. This paper is based on survey methodology and a sampling technique was used for the collection of data. In this survey, we have found some problems faced by the management and librarians to develop digital libraries to access digital resources in their college with freely available software in markets like Dspace, Greenstone, and KOHA to install and access digital resources. The problems were faced due to the lack of soft skills in ICT techniques and IT technology of the present era. The finding/suggestion to overcome these problems is that training should be given to the librarians in soft skills in ICT, through workshops and training.


Digital library software, digital resources, institutional repositories, open source software, private colleges

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