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In a Pandemic Situation, Such As COVID-19, What Role Do Librarians Play?

Jitendra Dwivedi


This paper highlights the different roles of librarians in pandemic situations such as COVID-19. It also identifies the library professionals’ advocacy position. It shows how many digital channels are available around the world. It also encourages people to use social media and networks. Skilled librarians will assist the entire community in their academic pursuits. Experience, in addition to the various skills required, may help library professionals demonstrate their expertise. E-contents, information links, and a dedication to customer service are all things that library professionals can provide. As a result, the position of librarians describes a new way of working for the entire community and allows them to access information remotely during a lockdown or pandemic. This research aids library professionals in improving their ability set in light of the challenging circumstances and serving knowledge as a responsible citizen of the world.


E-resources, webinars, COVID-19, digital classrooms, libraries

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