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Acid and Alkali Resistance of Polylactic Acid Incorporated Polyfurfuryl Alcohol Bioplastics

Rakesh Kumar, Mohd. Sharib


PLA (0.5 to 3%) was successfully dissolved in furfuryl alcohol (FA). Acid number of neat polylactic acid (PLA) and PLA incorporated in FA were determined. Neat PLA and PLA incorporated polyfurfuryl alcohol based bioplastics were successfully fabricated with p-toluene sulfonic acid as an acid catalyst by casting method in silicon mould. The fabricated bioplastics are black in colour. The as-fabricated bioplastics were tested for resistance against acid and alkali. Additionally, water uptake studies of bioplastics were also carried out.



Polyfurfuryl alcohol, polylactic acid, bioplastics, acid and alkali resistance

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