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Effect of Rhizobium and PGPR inoculants in soybean (Glycine Max) on Productivity and Fertility in soybean (Glycine Max) –wheat (Tritium aesivum) cropping system under Vertisols of central India

Praveen Kumar Jaga


A field experiment was conducted at farmer’s field village Basoda (Vidisha) during kharif season 2018 and 2019 to study the effect of Rhizobium and PGPR inoculants on soybean (Glycine Max (L) Merr.). The residual effect of treatments applied in soybean was assessed on productivity of succeeding wheat (Tritium aesivum L.). The trial was set up in randomized block design with seven treatments and four replications. Rhizobium alone gave significant increase in nodules number (46.5), nodules dry weight (117.4 mg/nodules), seed yield (1.65 t.ha-1) and harvest index (51.2%) over the uninoculated control. The PGPR alone gave significant increase in nodule number, nodules’ dry weight, seed yield, leaf area index and harvest index over the uninoculated control. Conjoint use of Rhizobium and PGPR resulted in 71 and 71.6% increase in soybean grain and straw yields, respectively over control. The highest grain yield of soybean (1.81 t.ha-1) and wheat (6.35 t.ha-1) was obtained with 75% RDF + Rhizobium and PGPR. It also significantly improved the available N, P and K in soil by 10.4, 65.4 and 11.8% respectively over the uninoculated control. The yields of soybean (1.80 t.ha-1) and wheat (6.13 t.ha-1) were at par with 100% RDF. Conjoint application further increased the wheat grain and straw yields by about 99.4% over the uninoculated soybean. Different inoculation treatments significantly improved the various yield attributes of wheat. The treatment of 75% RDF + Rhizobium and PGPR significantly increased the wheat grain and straw yields, and available N, P and K in post-harvest soil.


Soybean, wheat, bio-fertilizers, residual effect, soil fertility, productivity

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