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Soil to Scheme from Nano Compose

Bangshidhar goswami, Nupur Goswami, Saroj Dutta, Tridib Kumar Pathak, Indira Sinha, Bhakti Bharati Mishra, Tarun Kumar Goswami, Deep Sen


This research work is study of events and problems over nanomaterials formed to reticulate natural security. Protein-based NMs have been built from molecules capable of self-assembly, e.g., micelle-like structures. Henceforth, polysaccharides have secured as natural correspond to present as compounds, e.g., in plants, pectin, guar gum, etc.; in animals, chitosan, chondroitin sulphate etc.; in algae, alginates etc.; and in micro-organisms, dextran etc. Nano-encapsulation has served to increase stability, delivery and bioavailability of nutrients, e.g., vitamins, minerals, etc., agrochemicals or pharmaceuticals. Modified optical characteristics of nano-encapsulated materials have been important for applicability in clear beverages. Inorganic nanomaterials (NMs) such as clays have surface modified to access functional aside with organic coating, henceforth to improve dispersion in polymer matrices i.e. formation of nanocomposites. Modified nanoclays, e.g. montmorillonite has been incorporated in food package so as to enhance mechanical strength and/or to form a barrier against gases for e.g., oxygen; volatile components for e.g., flavours; and moisture. According to the revised European Novel Food Regulation (European Parliament and Council, 2015), these NMs have been regarded as engineered NMs and these should be taken into consideration when evaluating their prospective applications in agri/feed/food.


Nanotechnology, soil, miniature, fertilization, agriculture

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