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Principal Component Analysis of Black and Brown Seeded Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) Genotypes at Jimma and Bonga Southwestern Ethiopia

Tesfaye Belay Birhanu, Abush Tesfaye


Sixty-four soybean genotypes were evaluated for cluster analysis based on their morphological characters. The field experiment was carried out at Jimma and Bonga in south-western Ethiopia during the main cropping season of 2019. The experimental study was laid with simple lattice design with two replications. Data on 11 quantitative agronomic traits were gathered. For all of the examined variables, analysis of variance revealed substantial to very significant variations among genotypes. The principal component analysis result revealed that the first four PCA1, 2, 3 and 4 contributes total variability of 75.16%. All the statistical techniques used in this study verified the presence of sufficient genetic diversity in the studied black and brown seeded soybean genotypes that can be utilized for the genetic improvement of soybean for higher productivity and adaptability to the diverse soybean growing agro-ecologies of the country. The aim is to perform a cluster analysis, grouping these genotypes based on their similarities and differences in agronomic traits. The experimental design employed a simple lattice layout with two replications to ensure reliable results.


Black, brown, principal, soybean, genotype

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