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A Concise Study Over Impact of Global Warming on Freshwater Systems

Sakshi Goyal



The paper discusses about the changes that have been occurring in the world environment, and its affect over the freshwater systems. The causes and impact of greenhouse effect are discussed which needs to be considered while making environmental policies to mitigate the negative affect of natural hazards. There are many government policies to reduce the carbon emissions and the requirements for household consumption patterns which play a major role in making the desirable changes in the environment. Also, the changes in the eco-water systems in the form of movements and the level of water flows increases the ecological concerns towards cleaning the air and water bodies. The regularisation of the environmental maintenance process by government bodies and other agencies have been greatly promoted to induce the positive changes. Therefore, the movement to bring in the changes for reducing the carbon emissions through controlled measures should not only be the limelight areas of constructive government policies but also for that of private companies as well who are constantly investing resources for environmental policies.

Keywords: Global warming, fresh water systems, Greenhouse effect

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Sakshi Goyal. A Concise Study over Impact of Global Warming on Freshwater Systems. Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology. 2018; 7(1): 8–17p.

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