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Analysis of Production of BIO-GAS Energy by using Kitchen Waste, Cow Dung and Paper Waste

Ashish Shukla, Nasir Khan



In recent years, various harmful effects of global warming due to dependence on fossil fuels are observed. The need of developing clean, sustainable and secure energy resources is realized. The economic growth cannot be sustained until reliable energy is made available at a responsible cost. Energy can be extracted from various resources, i.e., human energy, bio energy, mechanical energy, kinetic energy etc. The importance of using biomass efficiently to address global warming and resources shortages are well known and documented. Fossil fuels, which are used for thermal and electricity applications can be replaced by biogas because it is ecofriendly. Due to its high electrical efficiency compared to other biogas based electricity generation system in the lower and central range of power, is rising as a hopeful technology in many developed and developing countries; as a result biomass gasification is very appropriate for decentralized energy system.


Keywords: Infrastructure, renewable, global warming, fossil fuels, renewable energy, cow dung, paper waste

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Ashish Shukla, Nasir Khan. Analysis of production of BIO-GAS energy by using Kitchen Waste, Cow Dung and Paper Waste. Research & Reviews: Journal of Ecology. 2016; 5(1): 10–15p.

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