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Effect of Massage with Roghan Biskhapra (Oil of Trianthena Portulacastrum L.) in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Case Reports of Two Patients

S Javed Ali, Mohammad Shahid Khan, Mohd Nayab, Abdul Aziz


Rheumatoid arthritis is a common disorder related with pain and deformity with a prevalence of 0.5–1% in general population; and with an estimate 5–50 per 100000 new cases recorded annually. The present line of treatment in conventional medicine depends on the use of disease-modifying antirheumatic drug (DMARD) such as methotrexate, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), glucocorticoids or surgery. But the above said treatment methods are known to be associated with one or more side effects. Unani medicine is known to cure chronic diseases with minimal side effects using herbal medicine and different regimens. In the present paper, the case studies of two female patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis treated with massage with Unani herbal drug is reported.

Keywords: rheumatoid arthritis, chronic diseases, Unani medicine, herbal drug

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Khan MS, Ali SJ, Nayab M  et al. Effect of massage with roghan biskhapra  (oil of trianthena portulacastrum l.) in rheumatoid arthritis: case reports of two patients. Research and Reviews: Journal of Herbal Sciences. 2015; 4(3): 1–3p.

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