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Dust Acoustic Solitary Waves in a Five Component Plasma-Application to Comets

Neethu Theresa Willington, Sijo Sebastian, Chandu Venugopal


We have studied the characteristics of the Dust Acoustic Solitary Wave (DASW) in a five component cometary plasma composed of two components of electrons (one hotter and one colder), hydrogen ions and a pair of oppositely charged dust particles (heavier ions). The Korteweg – deVries wave equation has been derived for the system and its solitary wave solution obtained. The dust acoustic solitary wave amplitude is almost a constant with varying temperatures of the hot electron component but decreases with increasing hydrogen ion densities. A comparison with a complementary nonlinear wave, the Dust Ion Acoustic Solitary Wave, has also been made.


Keywords: Dust acoustic solitary wave, KdV equation, kappa distributed ions and electrons

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Neethu Theresa Willington, Sijo Sebastian, Chandu Venugopal. Dust Acoustic Solitary Waves in a Five Component Plasma-Application to Comets. Research & Reviews: Journal of Physics. 2019; 8(2): 44–51p.


Dust acoustic solitary wave, K-dV equation, kappa distributed ions and electrons.

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