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The nth Theory of Cosmic Oestrus

Krishna Mouli Gupta


Oestrus is instrumental in animal birth. Cosmic oestrus is instrumental in the birth of 1080 particles and the whole universe. The universe is nothing but space, just space. The egression of conserved energy or cosmic oestrus, which can neither be created nor destroyed, is space. Everything is the different mathematical powers of space. Space has three dimensions: , and .  makes time and inverted gravity,  makes mind/consciousness, and  makes matter. These three dimensions get monstrously interplaited to make the universe. Straightening up this interplait to get a unidimensional/zero-dimensional/absolute (one without a second is equal to none) space is the ultimate untangling of the riddle. The uncontrollable tremor and perverted dilatation warp the unidimensional/zero-dimensional space/conserved energy/cosmic oestrus to 3-D. Quantum field theory says that particles do not actually exist. Protons, neutrons and quarks are not actual things. The actual things are quantum fields which are neither particle nor waves but have properties of both and which may be called “waveicles”. “Waveicles” are the uncontrollable tremor and perverted dilatation of conserved energy/cosmic oestrus. It is oestrus that sets conserved energy to non-stop tremor. Before set to tremor and dilatation, space was an unidimensional/zero-dimensional/absolute nondescript plane as it was before/at the big bang. When the tremor and dilatation settles, as it does at maximum entropy or the ultimate heat death of the universe, space will again be a unidimensional/zero-dimensional/absolute nondescript plane. The universe is forever destined to roll between oestrus-driven commotion and temporary quiet.


Cosmic oestrus, conserved energy, impulse, dimensions, mathematical powers of space

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