BER Analysis of Convolutional Encoded DWT-OFDM and coded FFT-OFDM under Different Simulation Conditions

Simmi Garg, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Anand Kumar Tyagi


In this study, we investigated the performance of Convolutional encoded Discrete Wavelet Transform based orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (DWT-OFDM) system over additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channel. QAM and PSK modulation have been used for simulations. Performance of Convolutional encoded DWT-OFDM is compared with uncoded DWT-OFDM system and encoded conventional OFDM system. Bit error rate (BER) is used as measuring parameter. Simulations have been done using MATLAB software. It has been found in simulations that Convolutional encoded DWT-OFDM outperforms uncoded DWT-OFDM as well as coded conventional OFDM system. Performance of Convolutional encoded DWT-OFDM system has been studied using different modulation schemes namely 16-QAM, 32-QAM, 64-QAM, 16-PSK and 32-PSK. It is found that BER of encoded DWT-OFDM system improves as we decrease the constellation number and performance of coded DWT-OFDM is better with QAM modulation than with PSK modulation. Different wavelets namely Haar, Dabuchiees, biorthogonal, Symlet are used for simulating the system. Further, impact of different members of same wavelet family is studied over the performance of encoded DWT-OFDM.


Keywords: OFDM, DWT, FEC, FFT, BER

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Simmi Garg, Anuj Kumar Sharma, Anand Kumar Tyagi. BER Analysis of Convolutional Encoded DWT-OFDM and coded FFT-OFDM under Different Simulation Conditions. Research & Reviews: Journal of Physics. 2019; 8(1): 7–16p.



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