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Some Asymptotic Power Points for Testing the Parameters of Two Generalized Uniform Distributions

Bhatt Milind B., Patel S. R., Nandy Pratik B.


In this paper, after getting the general form of the power functions for testing the one-sided and two-sided tests for generalized uniform distribution. Power points of some of the power functions of asymptotic tests are calculated and presented. The asymptotic tests for testing the parameters of generalized uniform distribution requires the conditional distribution of the complete sufficient statistic of the parameters of interest and also that of the nuisance parameter. The asymptotic test is Uniformly Most Powerful Invariant (UMPI).

Keywords: Asymptotic distributions, Asymptotic test, Generalized uniform distributions, Conditional tests.

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Bhatt Milind B., Patel S.R., Nandy Pratik B. Some Asymptotic Power Points for Testing the Parameters Of Two Generalized Uniform Distributions. Research & Reviews: Journal of Statistics. 2019; 8(2): 29–33p.


Asymptotic distributions; asymptotic test; generalized uniform distributions; conditional tests.

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