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Trends in Road Traffic Accidents and Implications on Road Safety Laws in Nigeria with Interest in the South-East Zone

L. I. Okoroji, Harrison Obiora Amuji, C. C. Nwachi, K. O. Okeke, J. C. Mbachu, V. N. Ikeogu


In this paper, we carryout research on the trends in traffic accidents and implications on road safety laws in Nigeria with interest in the south-east zone. The study covers the five States that make up the zone, from 2020-2022. The data was collected from the FRSC Statistical Digest 2020-2022 and presented on quarterly basis. Descriptive analysis was adopted. From the analysis, we observed that: The fourth quarter(Q4) has lowest cases of total accident rate, followed by the second quarter(Q2), first quarter(Q1) and third quarter(Q3). Secondly, we observed that fourth quarter(Q4) has lowest cases of injured persons, followed by the second quarter(Q2), third quarter(Q3) and first quarter(Q1). Thirdly, we deduced that the first quarter(Q1) has lowest cases of death, followed by the second quarter(Q2), fourth quarter(Q4) and third quarter(Q3). Fourthly, we observed that second quarter(Q2) has lowest cases of persons involved in accidents, followed by the fourth quarter(Q4), first quarter(Q1) and third quarter(Q3). Again, we deduced that Imo State is stricter in the observance of the road traffic laws in the south-East and therefore has the lowest number of total accident, lowest number injured persons, lowest number killed and lowest number involved in accidents within the period under study; followed by Abia State; Ebonyi State; Anambra and Enugu State. We observed that these traffic laws are mostly violated in Enugu State, followed by Anambra State and Ebonyi State. This may be because of lower presence of FRSC and other traffic law enforcement agents in these States compared to Imo State.


Transportation, Road accidents, Traffic laws, Descriptive analysis, Traffic codes

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