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A Comparative Analysis on Issues Concerning Euthanasia: Legal, Religious and International Position

Hina Kausar, Aakriti Porwal


The concept of Euthanasia dates back to the ancient civilization. It basically connotes the practice of deliberately bringing a person’s life to an end so as to relieve him from unbearable and never ending pain and suffering. The concept of Euthanasia is highly debatable. The controversy lies in the question that whether people should be provided aid in bringing an end to their life, or should they be left alone to bear unbearable pain from an incurable disease. There have been diverse opinions on the issue of Euthanasia. The controversy has gained momentum because of the rapid developments in countries like Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Oregon of USA which have legalized Euthanasia. The concept of Euthanasia gained heights in India, when the Supreme Court legalized passive euthanasia in the famous case of Aruna Shanbaug. However, the Apex Court clarified that active Euthanasia is still ‘illegal’ in India, in the absence of any law to the contrary. There are both have and have-nots; and whether a person should be anti or pro Euthanasia depends on the ideology of each individual. The legalization of Euthanasia can lead to more open scrutiny, without any scope of undue harassment of the patient. Until active euthanasia becomes legal, it will be carried on clandestinely and there will be scope of misuse. Legalizing active euthanasia and practicing it within the confines of law would work as a magic potion and make death a blessing, not a tragedy. This paper highlights the concept of euthanasia in different religious perspectives, its position in various countries, the debate on legalizing it and present legal position.


Keywords: Suffering, termination, responsibility, right to life, unbearable, freedom

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Hina Kausar, Aakriti Porwal. A Comparative Analysis on Issues Concerning Euthanasia: Legal, Religious and International Position. Omniscience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal. 2016; 6(3): 15–23p.

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