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Collection and Evaluation of Ber Germplasm

A. Akter, H. Rahman


An experiment to identify suitable ber germplasm was conducted at Horticulture Research Centre (HRC) fruit orchard, Regional Agricultural Research Station (RARS), Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Jamalpur, Bangladesh during the fruiting season of 2016-2017. Fifty-eight accessions collected from different parts of Bangladesh were included in the study. The scion of the collected germplasm was grafted on 10 years old ber plant and the age of grafted branches was 3 years old during the study period. Wide range of variation was noted regarding quantitative and qualitative fruit characters. Fourteen lines viz. ZM Jam-103, ZM Jam-122, ZM Jam-127, ZM Jam-148, ZM Jam-149, ZM Jam-180, ZM Jam-192, ZM Jam-193, ZM Jam-196, ZM Jam-202, ZM Jam-223, ZM Jam-229, ZM Jam-244 and ZM Jam-284 showed better performance in terms of individual fruit weight, yield per plant, edible portion, %TSS, crispiness, sweetness and taste. Twenty lines viz. ZM Jam-122, ZM Jam-140, ZM Jam-150, ZM Jam-151, ZM Jam-160, ZM Jam-163, ZM Jam-182, ZM Jam-193, ZM Jam-196, ZM Jam-202, ZM Jam-205, ZM Jam-208, ZM Jam-222, ZM Jam-223, ZM Jam-229, ZM Jam-235, ZM Jam-239, ZM Jam-244, ZM Jam-248 and ZM Jam-284 showed promising characters regarding sour-sweet taste which is our target. Fifteen lines viz. ZM Jam-009, ZM Jam-124, ZM Jam-148, ZM Jam-169, ZM Jam-171, ZM Jam-180, ZM Jam-189, ZM Jam-198, ZM Jam-228, ZM Jam-232, ZM Jam-237, ZM Jam-265, ZM Jam-284, ZM Jam-286 and ZM Jam-287 showed promising characters regarding late bearing habit. The promising germplasm viz. ZM Jam-122, ZM Jam-223, ZM Jam-240 and ZM Jam-244 performed better in respects of all traits. The present finding shows the great genetic potential of the studied germplasm. It can be used in future breeding programmes for getting productive and quality traits. Moreover, the variability observed in the current study could be used in ber improvement programme. Finally, the plant breeders and horticulturists can choose germplasm according to their needs.

Keywords: Ber, germplasm, Ziziphus mauritiana, growth, flowering, fruiting and yield

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