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Effect of Vase Solutions on the Postharvest Life of Cutrose Flowers

J. P. Patel, Sandip Patel, Raxa Solanki, Payal Sargara


Different vase solutions having different concentrations were prepared and applied to cut rose flowers. On the basis of their physical appearance, flower diameter, fresh weight, flower longevity, water balance, moisture, electrolyte and pH, effect of different treatments was analyzed. Different treatments include aluminium sulphate, cobalt nitrate and silver nitrate along with 2% sucrose solution. All vase solutions tested under current study are capable of extending postharvest vase life in cut rose flowers. The combination of aluminium sulphate solution (300 mg/l)+sucrose solution (2%) has been found as the best combination for improving quality of cut rose flowers.
Keywords: vase solutions, vase life, cut rose, fresh weight, water balance

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J.P. Patel, Sandip Patel, Raxa Solanki et al. Effect of Vase Solutions on the Postharvest Life of Cutrose Flowers. Research & Reviews: Journal of Botany. 2018; 7(3): 7–11p.

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