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Evaluation of Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.) Germplasm

H. Rahman, A. Akter



The experiment was conducted with the existing bearing trees of different jackfruit genotypes at Jamalpur region during the year 2014–2015. Twenty-three jackfruit germplasm viz., AHJ-01, AHJ-02, AHJ-03, AHJ-04, AHJ-05, AHJ-06, AHJ-07, AHJ-08, AHJ-09, AHJ-10, AHJ-11, AHJ-12, AHJ-13, AHJ-14, AHJ-15, AHJ-16, AHJ-17, AHJ-18, AHJ-19, AHJ-20, AHJ-21, AHJ-22 and AHJ-23 were selected for the study to identify superior ones. The recorded age of the selected tress ranged from 8 to 29 years. The selected superior genotypes differ widely among themselves. Great variability exists with regards to many desirable characters viz., bearing (once or twice a year), yield per tree (02–60 fruits per year), average fruit weight (2.57–11.00 kg), number of bulbs/flakes per fruit (41.00–181.00), number of seeds per fruit (39.00–180.00), total weight of bulbs (0.90–6.381 kg) and flake’s TSS (13–23%). Jackfruit trees are cross pollinated and are mostly seed propagated. As a result, morphological and agronomical characters of jackfruit showed a distinct range of variation. The quantitative data of jackfruit germplasm and their range, mean, standard deviation (SD), standard error (SE) and coefficient of variance (CV%) are presented. The highest quantitative variation was observed for total number of fruits per plant (CV 80.98%) which was followed by total bulbs weight (CV 56.02%) and weight of rachis (CV 49.64%). Minimum variation was noticed in seed breadth (CV 8.13%). A total of six qualitative characters were recorded and evaluated to the variability among the studied jackfruit germplasm. Wide range of variability regarding qualitative characters was observed among twenty-three jackfruit germplasm. Fruit skin colour, fruit shape, bulb colour, bulb firmness, sweetness & taste and seed colour of jackfruit germplasm were investigated. The maximum variation was observed in fruit skin colour and bulb firmness of jackfruit germplasm. Among the twenty-three jackfruit germplasms, one germplasm AHJ-02 showed early bearing habit (Off-season). So, the quantitative characters viz., age of plant 25 years, total number of fruits per plant 32 nos., weight of individual fruit 7.57 kg, date of harvest 05.03.2016, stalk attachment depressed, fruit length 33 cm, fruit breadth 22 cm, weight of rind 2.90 kg, weight of rachis 733 g, rind thickness 1.03 cm, total number of bulbs per fruit 288 nos., bulb length 4.29 cm, bulb breadth 1.93cm, 10-bulb weight 122.92 g, total bulb weight 3.54 kg, total number of seeds per fruit 284, seed length 2.56 cm, seed breadth 1.27 cm, 10-seed weight 34.01 g, total seed weight 966 g, edible portion 52% and TSS 23% were recorded. Qualitative characters viz. fruit colour-greenish yellow, fruit shape-oval, bulb colour-yellow, bulb firmness-medium soft, taste-sweet and seed colour-brownish patch in colour were recorded. Considering fruit characteristics i.e., taste, sweetness, hardness of bulb, bulb color, fruit size, %TSS, %edible portion and yield, the germplasm AHJ-02, AHJ-03, AHJ-04, AHJ-05, AHJ-06, AHJ-07, AHJ-09, AHJ-11, AHJ-14, AHJ-16, AHJ-18, AHJ-19, AHJ-21 and AHJ-23 were found to be suitable for jackfruit cultivation at Jamalpur region, Bangladesh. The present finding shows the great genetic potential of the studied germplasm. It can be used in future breeding programmes for getting productive and quality traits. Moreover, the variability observed in the current study could be used in jackfruit improvement programme. Finally, the plant breeders and horticulturists can choose germplasm according to their needs. Therefore, these jackfruit germplasms can be included in the variety development programme in future.

Keywords: Jackfruit, Artocarpus heterophyllus, genetic diversity, collection, evaluation

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Akter A, Rahman H. Evaluation of Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.) Germplasm. Research & Reviews: Journal of Botany. 2018; 7(1): 38–53p.


Jackfruit, Artocarpus heterophyllus, genetic diversity, collection, evaluation, growth and yield.

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