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Evaluation of the Soil Fungi of the Restricted Area of the Bisalpur Dam Area of the Rajasthan

Teena Agrawal


Fungi are the typical organism of the plant world, they are the typical eukaryotes, they are the parasites or the saprophytes of the plant kingdom , the world of the plant pathology is consists of the interaction of the fungi with the plants , they are filamentous and they forms the mycelium , different types of the fruiting body are the unique features of the of the fungal world , from the thousand of the years the fungi are the attracting plants of the mankind’s , they were used for the varsity of the purposes, fungi play both kinds of the role ,whether they are the as the deterivores or as the fertilisers in the soils ,the forms the large functional parts of the soil ecosystem , they are ubiquitous and they can founds in the all kinds of the habitats , whatever it is the soil ,air ,water ,human and the other habitats .In this research articles we are trying to work on the aquatic fungi of the one of the water body of the alwar district of raasjsthan , the water body is termed as bisalpur dam area of raasjsthan ,here in this dam area several kinds of the vegetation as well as also the other animals can be seen over here. We have collected the water from the several depths and then find the fungi of the several classes and several Genera’s. soil fungi play a great role in the aquatic biogeochemical cycles as well as the other roles.

Keywords: Filamentous, mycelium, aquatic biogeochemical cycles, ubiquitous, soil, air, water, human.

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Teena Agrawal. Evaluation of the Soil Fungi of the Restricted Area of the Bisalpur Dam Area of the Rajasthan. Research & Reviews: Journal of Botany. 2019; 8(2): 16–18p.

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