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Preparation of an Indicator Dye from Tender Coconut Husk and Analysis of its Stability

Vedika Sarda, Aditi Patwardhan


India is eminent in its production and usage of tender coconuts. The aim of this paper was to develop a useful product from tender coconut waste. It focuses on the utilization of coconut husk to produce an indicator dye for the detection of the approximate pH of any solution. A concentrated dye was first prepared in aqueous form. When stored, it was stable and functional at room temperature as well as at cooler temperatures for more than three months. The procedure of making this dye is simple, feasible, and doesn’t require many skills. The addition of this dye to an acidic solution gives yellow color and a basic solution gives red-orange or pink color depending upon the strength of the base. This study endeavors to up-cycling coconut waste into a scientifically useful product with many future aspects. The dye is promising and can be further used for industrial and academic purposes.


aqueous dye, coconut husk, pH indicator, scientific product, upcycle

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