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Boswellia serrata: A Review on its Phytochemical and Therapeutic Potential

Juveriya Naaz, Mariyam Roqaiya, K.M. Hina Fatima, Ziya ul Haq, Azhar Hasan Khan


Kundur or Boswellia serrata belongs to the genus Boswellia of Burseraceae family. It is usually found in Oman and Yaman, its effectiveness persists for 20 years. Its bark and gum are used for medicinal properties but Boswellia are well-known for producing a gum resin that is known as olibanum or frankincense. Gum-resin comprises triterpenes of oleanane, ursane and euphane series. The major chemical constituents reported for anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative and anticancer activities apart from this study shows multiple pharmacological properties like Antibacterial activity, Anticonvulsant effect, Anti-hyperlipidemic effect, Anti-diabetic effect, Antidepressant Activity, Analgesic properties Antiulcer Activity Antioxidant, Neurotoxicity. Clinical trials regarding this drug are also reported. Gum is a most important part of this plant as it has pretty much astringent property. Several human and animal studies reported but further in vivo and in vitro study is needed to explore its quality for further management.


Kundur, Boswellia serrata, gum, pharmacological properties, phytochemical properties, anti-inflammatory

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