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Looking Forward to the Promising Anti-filarial Plant Resources and Futuristic Drug Discovery Approaches

Rachna Yadav, Mamta Kadawla, Lakshita Rao, Bimla Khati


In tropical and subtropical nations, lymphatic filariasis (LF) is considered a significant public health issue. Adult worms may survive in an infected person for many years, generating microfilariae (mf) and aiding disease transmission via vector mosquitoes. Elephantiasis, river blindness, and tropical pulmonary eosinophilia are among the illnesses caused by filarial worms. The medication of choice for treating filariasis has a slew of negative side effects. Current filariasis control methods aren't considered to be entirely safe or effective. This necessitates the development of an effective and safe medication to combat the adult filarial worm. Researchers have looked at the impact of a variety of medicinal herbs on filarial worms, and several of them have been shown to have anti-filarial action. The profiles of the plants as anti-filarial drugs are presented in this review, which should not only impact the target but also have very few or no adverse effects.


Filariasis, Microfilariae, Anti-filarial, Worms, Extract, Natural, Herbal

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