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Nutraceutical Potential and Phytochemical Screening of Buchanania Colchichinensis Fruit: A Species of Enormous Potential

Chetna S. Laddha, Sushil G Kunjalwar, Prakash R Itankar



Buchanania conchichinensis commonly known as Char, achar, Chironji belonging to the family Anacardiaceae, is a non-wood tree species found in deciduous forests in major parts of India. It is upto 18 m high and has girth of 1.5 m. The first description of this plant was given by Francis Hamilton in 1798. It is used for environmental conservation and in ‘Agroforestry System’. It is used as a fuel; fodder, its oil for cosmetic items and soaps. It yields a fatty oil known as ‘Chironji oil’, another option for olive and almond oils in both confectionery and indigenous medicine used for glandular swellings of the neck. The tribals use its oil for cooking purpose. Its seeds and kernels are also of nutritional significance as seeds are palatable and serve as an alternate of almonds in confectioneries, fruits are laxative and used to quench the thirst during fever while kernels of fruits are used as ointment for skin diseases. The flowering time of Buchanania conchichinensis is during January-March, ripening time is during the month of April to June. Fruits become red after ripening. The fruit collection takes place from April to June. It’s early harvesting results into low fruit/ seed quality and poor germination potential. In natural forests, its regeneration is very scanty due to unscientific and pre-mature harvesting of its seeds. The present study deals with neutraceutical studies and phytochemical screening of Buchanania conchichinensis fruit collected from the forest of Bhiwapur Tahsil of Nagpur district (M.S), India. Since, environmental, climatic and soil conditions have strong effect on production and level of particular phytochemicals in a given plant part, phytochemical screening is of great importance. It is done to study the medicinal uses of the plant by traditional and folk medicine practitioners.

Keywords: Buchanania conchichinensis, Bhiwapur tahsil, phytochemical screening

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Chetna S Laddha, Sushil G Kunjalwar, Prakash R Itankar. Nutraceutical Potential and Phytochemical Screening of Buchanania Colchichinensis Fruit: A Species of Enormous Potential. Research & Reviews: Journal of Botany. 2017; 6(1): 1–4p.

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