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A Study of Alien Flora of Bidar District, Karnataka, India

L. N. Rajanna, Y. N. Seetharam


The present study presents an account of alien species in the Bidar District, Karnataka, India, with additional information on habit, origin, longevity, habitat and uses. During the present study, a total of 168 alien species belonging to 121 genera of 46 families were studied. Dicots represented 155 species and monocots 13 species. About 65% of these alien species were introduced from Tropical America followed by Tropical Africa (21%). Analysis of habit shows that herbs dominate (112 species), followed by shrubs (24),
trees (19) and climbers (13). The maximum numbers of species (26) were family Fabaceae followed by Asteraceae (24) and then Malvaceae (12), Amaranthaceae (11), Euphorbiaceae (9), Apocynaceae and Convolvulaceae (8) and Solanaceae (7). People have found a large number of these alien species useful. There is an urgent need to list regional data on (invasive) alien species diversity in order to study the impact on native vegetation and explore the worldwide pattern of species invasion.

Keywords: Alien species, Bidar District, Karnataka

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