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Effect of Salicylic Acid on Biochemical Traits in Two Cultivars of Soybean under Salt Stress

Somveer Jakhar, Meenakshi Sheokand


Soybean is considered to be moderately salt sensitive species and is affected by salinity condition in terms of growth and yield. Among the abiotic stress, salinity is one of the serious agricultural problems worldwide which reduces field production. Foliar feeding of plants can effectively improve plant growth and productivity and is known to be more effective than soil application. Salicylic acid (SA) is a naturally occurring plant growth regulator which adds to tolerance against abiotic stresses. Present study investigate the effect of foliar application of different levels of salicylic acid (0, 10-4 M, 10-5 M, 10-6 M) on photosynthetic pigment, MDA content, protein, proline content and activities of some antioxidant enzymes in leaves of two soybean cultivars (Pusa-9712, 2614) under 0 and 150 mM concentration of NaCl. Results depicted that salt stress negatively affected photosynthetic pigments and protein content and enhanced lipid peroxidation in both control and stressed plants The highest antioxidant activities were recorded at (10-6 M + 150 mMNacl) in both the cultivars. Plants when applied with 10-6 M salicylic acid, experienced increase in SOD, POD and CAT activity by21.14%, 20.82% and 50.51% respectively in Pusa-9712 and by 16.97%, 17.19% and 49.93% respectively in Pusa-2614 in salt stressed plant as compared to control whereas same concentration of SA increased the proline content by 85.29 % in Pusa-9712 and by 63.48% in Pusa-2614 in salt stressed plant. Along with increasingthe antioxidant enzyme activities, exogenous application of salicylic acid also reduced the MDA content by 22.07% in Pusa-9712 and by 17.93% in Pusa- 2614 of the seedling grown under salt stress. Overall, foliar application of salicylic acid could alleviate the adverse effect of salt stress in these two cultivars of soybean.

Keywords: Soybean, salicylic acid, biochemical traits, lipid peroxidation, antioxidative enzymes, salt stress

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Meenakshi Sheokand, Somveer Jakhar. Effect of Salicylic Acid on Biochemical Traits of Two Cultivars of Soybean under Salt Stress. Research and Reviews: Journal of Botany. 2016; 5(2): 9–18p.

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