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Effect of Carbohydrates on Induction of Callus and Changes in Some Biochemical Parameters of Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius L.)

B. D. Ranjitha Kumari, M. Nimmi


Carthamus tinctorius L. an oilseed crop is a member of the family Compositae or Asteraceae. Traditionally the crop was grown for its seeds used for colouring and favouring foods, in medicines and making red and yellow dyes especially before cheaper alanine dyes became available. For the last fifty years or so, the plant has been cultivated mainly for vegetable oil extracted from its seeds. This study describes the effect of carbohydrates on induction of callus under different hormonal concentrations using leaf and half cotyledonary explants. Murashige and Skoog medium supplemented with B5 Vitamins containing NAA, IBA, BAP, KN was used for the study. And the effectiveness of callus induction was studied using comparison with Glucose, Sucrose and Mannitol as carbohydrate source. When compared to NAA and IBA, BAP and KN induced better callus induction rate in the concentration range of 0.5 mg/l. With increase in hormonal concentration, the rate of callus induction was found to be declined rapidly.
Keywords: Asteraceae, Carthamus tinctorius L., Carbohydrates, Phytohormones, Half Cotyledon

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