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Bovine Milk in Andean Peru: Pastures

Adolfo Vásquez Díaz, Marino Vásquez Díaz, Vásquez E. F.


Modern world faces a malnourishment crisis; two billion people with micronutrient deficiency and around 200 million children under five are either stunned or low-weighted. In rural areas such as that of Peruvian territory, the scenario is more prevalent and linked to poverty. Milk as a dietary complement produce is poorly consumed in Peruvian Andes and in Peruvian territory, early estimates indicate that no more than 10 kg/year/person of milk is consumed in the Andes. A comprehensive initiative to increase milk production and cheaper market offers are required to invest as a starting point on pasture—Scarcity and Diversity, both issues concern the landscape of The Andean Mountain Range. A long-term initiative directed at increasing milk production and consumption at lower prices should both increase income for agroproducers and decrease nutrient-deficiency malnourishment in urban and rural areas. Similar approaches should be assessed by under-developed and other developing nations.


Human nutrition, bovine milk, Peruvian Andes, poverty, pastures

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