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A Comprehensive Review of Habbul Aas (Myrtus communis L.)

Rayeesa Banu R. Umrani


Habbul aas (Myrtus communis) belongs to the Myrtaceae family, is one of the famous medicinal plant which is being used in Unani system of medicine since long time. Various properties of this plant has been mentioned in classical Unani text like haemostatics, astringent, anti-inflamatory, tonic, antiseptic properties, etc. Also Unani physicians have advised to use this plant in various ailments especially hemorrhagic disorders. Phytochemical analysis of this plant showed presence of different chemicals which are very important medicinally. It has been also evaluated for various biological properties in animal studies, in-vitro and clinical trials. The main aim of writing this review is to explore the knowledge regarding the medicinal importance of this plant.

Keyword: Habbul Aas, Myrtaceae, fragrance, clinical


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