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Fabrication of Solar Space Heating System

Rachit Srivastava, Anil Kumar, Anand Singh, Shashank Mishra


In this research paper the existing solar space heating system are studied with their construction and application. Renewable radiation is both free and ecologically friendly, making it one of the most intriguing alternative energy sources. The spatial variability of solar energy's output makes it difficult to use in residential and industrial settings, limiting the need and profitability. Solar air collectors may be used for a variety of purposes: on the one hand, they should be used for air heating in the winter, and on the other hand, they are being used in the summer to remove heated, dirty air from homes, offices, industrial, and commercial buildings. Nowadays, for heating the space be use different types like coal, diesel, electricity etc. These are just the primary sources of heat for something like the room. Solar electricity is one of the finest options for replacing traditional forms of space heating. In solar space heating we are use solar energy as source of the heat the space. This requires a big quantity of energy, which we acquire by utilising a solar collector. A photo voltaic solar tracker is a device which uses sun radiation to gather warmth. In this research paper we also discuss about construction and literature review on solar space heating.


Solar panel, Solar collector, Active solar space heating, Passive solar space heating.

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