Bayesian Weibull Model in Survival Analysis

G. Venkatesan, P. Saranya


In this paper, we examine the performance of Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) and Bayesian estimation of survival function of Weibull distribution with two parameters to the assigning informative prior and with three loss functions, namely, Linear Exponential (LINEX) Loss, General Entropy Loss and Squared Error Loss. Here the simulation study is carried out and the statistical analysis is done.


Keywords: Weibull distribution, maximum likelihood estimation, Bayesian estimation, linear exponential loss, general entropy loss and squared error loss, Lindley approximation


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Venkatesan G, Saranya P. Bayesian Weibull Model in Survival Analysis. Research & Reviews: Journal of Statistics. 2018; 7(1): 24s–29sp.

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