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The Study on Adaptability, Growth Performance and Reproductive Biology of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758) Stocked in Reservoirs of Gumer District, Guraghe Zone, SNNPRS, Ethiopia

Abayneh Utalo, Fikadu Amare


Understanding the adaptability, growth performance and reproductive biology is very important for the proper utilization of fish species and their sustainable production. This study aimed to establish the first information on the adaptability, growth condition and some reproductive biology of common carp (Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus, 1758) stocked in Stocked in Reservoirs of Gumer District (Arekit, Yaboba and Dewashe), Guraghe Zone, SNNPRS (Ethiopia) for designing an appropriate management methods. Fish specimens were collected from Arekit, Yaboba and Dewashe reservoirs between October (2019) to September (2020). A total of 255 fish specimens were used. Length-weight relationship of Cyprinus carpio showed positive allometric growth since the value of “b” (slope), 3.1288 was significantly different from 3. The mean K values of females and males were 1.236 ± 0.023 and 1.131 ± 0.021, respectively indicating that the fish stocked in Arekit, Yaboba and Dewashe reservoirs are well-being. The male-to-female sex ratio was 1.3: 1, indicating there was significant difference between females and males from the 1:1 ratio (χ2 = 24, df = 12, P > 0.05). The most intense breeding activity occurred in September to November of the fish stocked in Arekit, Yaboba and Dewashe reservoirs.


Arekit, Breeding Season, Dewashe, Cyprinus carpio, Length-Weight, Yaboba

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