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Breeding Strategies of Self Pollinated Crop with Special Emphasis on Hybrid Rice: Present and Future Perspectives

Sudhir Kumar, Mahesh Rao, N. C. Gupta



Development of hybrid cultivar in crop plants is a remarkable success of plant breeding. Hybrid breeding technology is greatly applied in cross pollinated crop and is limited in autogamous self pollinated crop due to strict genetic makeup of plant and floral biology. Development of genetic male sterility system in various crop plants has overcome the problem of tedious hand emasculation. Cytoplasm genetic male sterility has been widely applied in hybrid seed production in rice and its success is favoured by availability of efficient CMS (Cytoplasmic male sterility) sources and restorer lines in diverse range of gene pool. Environment sensitive genetic male sterility (EGMS) and chemical hybridizing agent (CHA) has broaden the scope for using diverse range of parental lines in hybrid breeding programme and it could lead to development of high heterotic hybrid. Application of innovative technology such as molecular marker, somatic hybridization, and apomixis could lead to further improvement in hybrid breeding programme in future.

Keywords: Hybrid, male sterility, improvement, heterotic

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