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Varietal Screening of Different Aromatic Rice Varieties against Rice Stem Borer (Scirpophaga innotata Walker)

S. S. Ahmed, D. K. Saikia, A. Devee, Rupashree Das


Varietal screening of 12 different aromatic rice varieties including check variety pertaining to 1% dead heart (DH) and white ear head (WEH) were done at Instructional Cum Research farm, Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat during Kharif 2017 and 2018 under field condition in order to evaluate the resistance/susceptibility reaction against rice stem borer, Scirpophaga innotata Walker. The two year pooled data of stem borer infestation at different intervals (30 and 60 DAT) revealed that no resistant variety was observed against stem borer attack in active tillering stage. However, Kola Joha, Sofguti Joha, Boga Joha, Maniki Joha, Keteki Joha, Ronga Joha and Kon Joha showed Moderately Resistant (MR) reaction during vegetative stage with damage score of “3, while Krishna Joha, Koni Joha, Bokul Joha and Tulsi Bhog Joha showed Moderately Susceptible (MS) reaction and recorded damage score of “5”. Kon Joha and Maniki Joha were considered as Resistant (R) variety at reproductive stage (Score 1). Whereas, Keteki Joha, Kola Joha and Sofguti Joha were registered as Moderately Resistant (Score “3”) variety and rest of the varieties were Moderately Susceptible (MS) to white ear head damage and were grouped under damage score of “5”.The check variety Jaya were susceptible to dead heart having damage score of “7” and showed Moderately Susceptible (MS) reaction to white ear head damage with damage score of “5”. Hence, they could be utilised in breeding programme as a donor of resistance in response to rice stem borer attack.


Aromatic rice, Screening, Rice stem borer, Resistance, Kharif

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