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Cluster based large scale Demonstration of improved wheat varieties in Silte zone, Southern Ethiopia

Getachw Dessalegn, Abdirazak Abdala


Cluster Based Large Scale Demonstration of wheat was conducted at Alicho district and Worabe administrative town of Silte zone to increase production and productivity among wheat producer farmers. Once more, kebeles were purposefully chosen from each district based on the potential of the crop for producing wheat. From selected kebales115farmers were benefited from this intervention on 80 hectares of land clustered on three sites in 2021/22 cropping season. Ogolecho and kingbird improved wheat varieties were used under demonstration in the wheat production system. At Kechamo and Albazer Kabeles, respectively, the productivity of improved wheat resulted in average grain yields of 40.7 qt/ha and 42 qt/ha. Both varieties outperform other varieties in those regions in terms of productivity and other criteria like food quality. This indicated the varieties had more potential to and this should be produced to other locations. Smallholder farmers benefit financially and provided food for their families from the crop. Those varieties were accepted andappreciated by farmers than local varieties due to its productivity (high yield per hectare). As a result, farmers should plant those wheat varieties to increase their yields of the crop and increase their income.


Cluster, Demonstration, Kingbird, Ogolecho, Wheat Technology

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