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Black Carrots Anthocyanins—Valorization by Fermentation

Sunita Singh, Supradip Saha, Charanjit Kaur



Black carrots (BCs) are an exceptional source of health promoting phytochemicals of anthocyanins (acylated and nonacylated). The quality of foods with such phytochemicals has led to increased research towards health benefits. The present review covers aspects of anthocyanins (ACN) composition and chemistry with special reference to BCs for value addition into coloured fermented product. Valorization of BCs in the backdrop of their chemical composition and behaviour on various mechanism/ aspects on their colour stability, in a fermenting medium, is a step towards providing, relevant first-hand information at one place, for use by food processors. Thus, the possibilities to achieve a fermented end product have been highlighted here for possible health benefits. This can further help to exploit the know-how in the age old traditional fermentation process with BCs, to rope in possible strategies with starter cultures. The information can be used to make fermented foods for healthy diets and other useful applications of the bioactive compounds.

Keywords: black carrot anthocyanin, colour stablility, lactic fermentation

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Singh S, Saha S, Kaur C. Black Carrots Anthocyanins—Valorization by Fermentation. Research & Reviews: Journal of Botany. 2017; 6(2): 9–28p


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