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Application of Biotechnology in Dairy Industry

Kriti Gupta


Biotechnology is a scientific discipline that not only researchers but also laymen are involved in the field of occupation. Although genetic engineering is the biotechnology's most recognized component, it includes a much wider field of implementation. Biotechnology has been used for many centuries in the production of dairy products (cultivated milk goods, cheese, processed milk byproducts) using either starter crops. The food industry has already benefited greatly from biotechnology. It has provided us delicious, nutritious, wholesome, convenient, stable and secure foods of high quality. As R&D projects proceed, biotechnology seems inevitable to have a growing effect on the food we consume. It provides enormous potential to increase the food variety and quality available.

Keywords: Biotechnology, dairy processing, dairy products, food biotechnology, food processing

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Gupta K. Application of Biotechnology in Dairy Industry. Research & Reviews: Journal of Dairy Science and Technology. 2019; 8(2): 5–9p.


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