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Effect of Sodium Caseinate Hydrolysate-Zinc Complex on the Quality Characteristics of Cupcake

S. MD. Azmathullah, Jayashri P. Hiremath


Casein hydrolysates (CNH)-mineral complexes are a promising strategy for enhancement of mineral absorption and reduction of mineral deficiency. In the present research, an attempt was made to develop CNH-Zn complex incorporated cupcake and in-vitro bioavailability of the zinc from the cupcake was explored. Among the various enzyme substrates used for the hydrolysis, the highest degree of hydrolysis was obtained for 1:25 enzyme substrate ratio for 120 min and 700 mg added zinc showed highest zinc binding among all. Cupcake prepared by incorporating CNH-Zn complex solution showed moisture, protein, fat, carbohydrates, ash and peroxide value of 16.00, 12.36, 26.05, 1.83, 43.75% and 2.53 meq O2/kg fat, respectively for cupcake. Experimental cupcake samples tested for in-vitro bio-availability of zinc showed 63.43%, respectively. Storage studies at ambient temperature revealed that cupcake sample retained acceptability up to 6 days. Moisture and peroxide values increased from 16.00 to 18.44 and 2.53 to 7.10 for cupcake respectively during storage. 


Degree of hydrolysis, casein hydrolysate, zinc, sodium caseinate hydrolysate-zinc complex, cupcake

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