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Clarification of papaya fruit juice by Multienzyme system using response surface methodology (RSM)

Manoj Lawande, Sachin Bhakare


Papaya is one of the major fruit crop in the world and clarified juice of papaya is always high in demand. The study was carried out with the aim to prepare good quality clarified papaya juice with high yield using multienzymes system. The clarified papaya juice was prepared by treating pulp with various level of amylase (0.25–1.25%) and pectinase (0.15–0.75%) in combination at different temperature (35–55ºC) for treatment period of 1 h. The trial run for the treatment was designed using design expert (9.0.1) software and condition optimized using response surface methodology. The optimized condition achieved for clarified papaya pulp with 86.23% clarity and 91.11% yield is treatment of pulp with 1.0% amylase and 0.6% pectinase enzymes in combination at 45ºC for 1 h.


Amylase, enzymes, papaya, pectinase, pulp, temperature

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