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Role of Functional Foods and Bioactive Components in Building Immunity

Payal Karmakar


Milk is termed as a complete food as it is a storehouse of almost all the nutrients required by the human body for survival. Besides the traditional components, milk also contains several critical components that can successfully contribute to the strengthening of immune system of the body. In recent years, focus is given to the importance of food which provide benefits beyond basic nutrition and energy. To understand functional food, it is first necessary to understand how the science of nutrition itself has changed. Current scientific investigations are more inclined towards the subtle actions of biologically active components on human health. The bioactive components have gained much consumer interest on account of being capable of life prolongation, promoting well-being and prevention of various diseases. Hence, the development of these products is one of the key research priorities for food design and a challenge for both medical and industrial sectors. These components have the potential of replacing the commercially available drugs in the near future. This article presents an overview of the different types of foods which help in building immunity among the consumers.


Bioactive, health, immunity, foods, benefits

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