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Production of Fish Feed Using Local Raw Materials

Inichinbia D.O., Ukpaka, C.P., Amadi S.A.


In this research, examination of chemical composition of internationally made fish feed such as Coppens and Aqualies was carried out, also local materials such as Guinea corn, millet cassava and groundnut was also considered. From the analysis made in the various samples collected higher element found in the local materials were used formulate the local feed after comparison with the internationally made fish feed. Each local materials millet guinea corn, cassava and groundnut obtained, milled, sieved at 7.5mm to produce floor, mixed with a ratio of 1:1:1:4. As Nigeria aim to secure food for her expanding population, there is need to access the aquaculture sector as a major contributor of animal protein in order to ensure availability and prevent malnourishment. Since the major obstacle to intensive aquaculture profitability is feed availability and importation. This paper reviews alternative sources of fish feed production using locally available materials at a lower cost which will help develop this important sector.


Fish feed, Production of fish feed, local raw material, local fish feed, fish, feed materials

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