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The Mysterious Domination of Food Contaminants and Adulterants in Bangladesh

A. K. Mohiuddin


Food adulteration and contamination are as old as the civilization itself. It is the consequence of the development of civilization, over utilization of nature, industrialization and in fact a price for the progress. It is highly prominent in urban areas of Bangladesh. It is the consequence of commercialism of business people who are doing this knowingly to maximize profit. People with higher educational background show higher degree of awareness of how the quality of food should be maintained. A lack of confidence on the functions of government regulatory agency in testing the food standard is also reflected in the study. I general, safe food means that there will be no danger from harmful elements such as pathogenic microorganisms, naturally occurring toxins and other potentially harmful chemicals which appear to be deliberately added to food products in the country. The economic development of this country rarely reveals the basic literacy and consciousness of mass people. Necessary steps are to be taken to protect the environment for our own existence. This paper reveals chemical pollution and contamination issues of Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh. Purpose of the study: Brief review of chemical induced food contamination, their consequences and control. Healthcare providers/Policy makers have a major role play to concerned field. Findings: Both general people and the old system, are responsible for this unlivable condition of Bangladesh. Population is not the sole for this instance. A sense of poor rules and regulation is always found everywhere. Negligence is becoming a wide spread disease contaminating illiterate to well educated, all kind of people. Research limitations: Many articles and documents found in concerned area of research, but the scope of this research is on its focus point chemical induced food adulteration in Bangladesh. Still the most important aspect is covered, but fact is less amount of recent data obtained in few areas. Practical Implication: The language of this article is too simple to understand by people with simple scientific literacy. Pharmacists, doctors, nurses, hospital authorities, public representatives, policy makers and regulatory authorities along with general people have to acquire much from this article. Social Implication: Any article or research is based on the think doing good for mankind, at least going ahead from the present situation, overcoming problems and measures. Bangladesh has recently passed from the list of LDC country with massive economic development. The article should create a guideline for the future policy makers of both government and other sectors to review the alarming situation of chemical induced food contaminants in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Medical and household waste, health hazard; chemical intoxication, cancer, food poisoning, pathogen, healthcare establishment (HCE)


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A.K. Mohiuddin The Mysterious Domination of Food Contaminants and Adulterants in Bangladesh Research & Reviews: Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2018; 7(3): 28–39p.

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