Influence of Blanching on the Nutritional Quality and Shelf Life of Yard Long Bean

Shahnaj Pervin, Md. Serazul Islam, Md. Miaruddin


The effects of blanching on the yard long beans were investigated to examine the nutritional quality and shelf life of the frozen products during storage in deep freeze for four months. The experiment was carried out Completely Randomized Design and there were eleven treatments using five different blanching times and two temperatures. The data were analyzed under computerized statistical methods of M-stat and Duncan’s Multiple Range Test was used to compare the means. The chemical compositions were analyzed and the following results were investigated: the moisture contents were gradually decreased, acidity contents of blanched bean were decreased and pH contents were increased during prolonged storage. The changes of β-carotene contents were decreased but the vitamin C contents were increased after increasing the blanching time and temperature. On the other hand, the total soluble solid (TSS) contents were decreased on blanching with different time and temperatures. Peroxidase and catalase inactivation time of enzyme for water bath blanching of the beans represents that most enzymes are inactivated rapidly as temperature rises to 95 °C using 2 min blanching time. Therefore, the investigation results showed that the frozen yard long beans were stored well in deep freeze up to two months using blanching temperature of 95 °C and duration of 2 min.


Keywords: Yard long bean, blanching, quality, shelf life, enzyme

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Pervin S, Islam MS, Miaruddin M. Influence of Blanching on the Nutritional Quality and Shelf Life of Yard Long Bean. Research & Reviews: Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2018; 7(2):

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